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Down and Dirrrrty

Posting Access:
All Members
The Rules:
Request! We're all here to help and have fun! If you want anything made for you, or if you love to make things for other people - go for it!
Comment! Make sure you tell people that what they do is nice! It sucks to work on icons for 3 days and then post them only to have no one even look at them. So, please, it only takes a few moments!
Be Nice! Don't tell someone if you dont like their icons, unless they ask for constructive criticism! Then, rip them apart;)
LJ-Cut! If you have more than 4, please use LJ cut.. this is usually pretty easy since all you have to type is < l j - c u t > ... thanks :P
Have fun! Post often, and comment as frequently as you can! If you have any questions feel free to post them in the community!

Anything else? I hope not! Just have fun!!